Istanbul Infrastructure Committee 
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 IFC - Istanbul Infrastructure Committee 

Recent economic developments in Turkey carried the country and its main economic driver Istanbul to higher ranks among global economies. Istanbul has rich resources and the potential to compete with leading global financial centers. Raising awareness to this fact, a new vision is set for Istanbul in the 9th National Development Plan stating “Istanbul shall first become a regional financial center, and ultimately a global financial center”.

However, there is a need to invest in several subjects to make use of these potentials. Therefore, an organization including technical committees (and staff) is created with the announcement of the Prime Ministry Notice on May, 1 2010.

One of these technical committees is the Infrastructure Committee whose chairman is the General Secretary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Adem Baştürk. Duties of the Infrastructure Committee are defined as  “living standards, security and transport means shall be provided to meet the infrastructure needs of financial organizations” by the 16th priority of the Strategy and Action Plan for Istanbul International Financial Center which is published in the official gazette (nr. 27364) on Feb 2, 2009.

The Infrastructure Committee, thus, established 5 research groups to get professional support;

  • Transportation, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Energy
  • Clustering, Office, Housing
  • Disasters
  • Security
  • Education, Health